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Product quality certification


Product quality certification

The Group produces various types of cement and commercial clinker products with quality certification. Cement products comply with the “Cement Products Certification Implementation Rules” 《水泥产品认证实施细则》, while the clinker products complies with the “Portland Cement and Clinker Products Certification Implementation Rules” 《硅酸盐水泥熟料产品认证实施规则》


Quality Management System Certification

and cement product companies have all obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, and can effectively control the quality of all products, with an aim to achieve consistent quality.


The Group’s “Skyscraper” brand cement and clinker products’ characteristics

  • Strength and stability of the cement is high, with uniform quality performance and colour; suitable for the production of a variety of commercial concrete.
  • Commodity clinker’s strength is high, with premium quality, uniform stability, and good grindability.
  • When the equivalent alkali content of Na2O in clinker and Portland cement is less than 0.60%, the alkali properties are low.
  • Concrete is more durable if the cement used to produce it is of high stability. 
  • Portland slag cement adopts separate grinding of slag powder and cement. When slag powder is ground to a very high specific surface area, it will then mix with PO 42.5R ordinary Portland cement according to a designated ratio to form slag cement of various strengths. This method can help maximize the activity of slag powder, thereby significantly enhancing slag cement’s strength, particularly its late strength, which is higher than ordinary Portland cement of similar level. It also greatly increases slag powder content in cement, enabling it to meet various specific requirements of concrete construction projects, such as large volume works, hydraulic or marine construction, road construction and sulphate resistant projects.
  • Composite Portland cement is a premium green-coloured cement produced by the addition of finely ground fly-ash, limestone, gypsum to the original production process. Since fly-ash consists of many spherical particles, while the slurry form of limestone powder is workable, the fluidity and workability of the Group’s composite Portland cement is high, with low heat of hydration and high corrosion resistance.
  • The stability of cement particles enable them to adapt well with the additives of concrete, minimizing  slump loss of commercial concrete and improving workability.
  • The pass rate of the weight of bagged cement is guaranteed to be 100%. Cement is fully packed in the bag.