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Resource Utilization



The Group actively responds to the government’s policies on circular economy and comprehensive use of resources. Pursuant to the policies, different types of industrial waste are to be comprehensively utilized to conserve mineral resources, in order to effectively reduce the contradiction between economic growth and shortage of resources. Furthermore, industrial waste utilization can also reduce environmental pollution, convert what could be harmful into something that is beneficial, transform waste into valuable resources, and create wealth for society. Industrial waste, being piled up, takes up a lot of space. Comprehensive use of industrial waste can reduce the area of land occupied by industrial waste, thereby conserving the precious land resources. As such, industrial waste utilization is a measure that benefits the country and people as a whole. 


The Group effectively utilizes the waste generated by steel companies during the steel refining processes, including “slag”, “electric furnace slag”, converter slag, by grinding them further. With respect to raw materials for cement production, the Group also extensively utilizes “fly-ash” and “desulphurization gypsum” discharged by coal-fired power plant, “sulphuric acid slag” and “phosphogypsum” discharged by chemical plant, non-ferrous slag discharged by non-ferrous metal smelter, tailings and detritus from gold, copper and iron ore mining, as well as unwanted quarried high magnesium limestone. The above-mentioned industrial waste is then produced into various types of high-quality cement using internationally advanced production process.