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Environmental Protection


In response to the government’s energy saving and emission reduction policy, the Group pioneered in the development of pure low temperature residual heat electricity generation technology, introduced the most advanced dust collection equipment, and adopted denitrification measures for cement kilns, while dedicating efforts to make its cement factories greener. The Company led the cement industry in total energy consumption per unit production. Results of the execution of energy saving and emission reduction measures are as follows:


Pure low temperature residual heat electricity generation:

All cement and clinker plants are installed with pure low temperature residual heat electricity generation system to generate electricity by using residual heat collected from rotary kilns. This method significantly reduces electricity consumption of cement factories, with electricity of approximately 30KWH being generated for every tonne of clinker produced while no extra amount of fuel was added. It not only reduces waste heat and lower production cost, but also lowers carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, thereby effectively reducing pollution.


Advanced dust collection equipment (including electrostatic precipitator and bag filter):

The Group uses high performance electrostatic precipitator, pulse jet bag filter, and cyclone barrel to collect dust, which effectively reduce dust emission. The dust emission concentration is less than 10mg/Nm3, which is far lower than the State’s standard of 50mg/Nm3.


Denitrification measures for cement kilns:

The Group uses low nitrogen oxide (NOx) burners and secondary combustion technologies of rotary kilns to effectively control NOx emission. Concentration of NOx emission in the flue gas from the kiln is therefore significantly decreased.


The factory makes full use of recycled water for cooling and adopts a separated sewer system to separate rainwater and wastewater. Treated wastewater can be recycled for garden irrigation, significantly reducing water consumption:

The Group has invested tremendous resources to establish a native plant nursery in a greenhouse. Results of the greening of the factory compound are reflected in the blooming flowers and luxuriant vegetation. Our greening efforts have been recognized by the government and professional bodies, and the Group had won a number of awards including modern energy saving enterprise and model enterprise for environmental protection, having high reputation at home and abroad.