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Company Introduction


Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corporation (hereinafter referred as the “Company”) was incorporated by Asia Cement Corporation, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Far Eastern Group, in the Cayman Islands in April 2004. Under the Company, there are a total of 20 companies engaging in five major types of business, namely integrated cement manufacturing, cement grinding, cement products manufacturing, transportation and investment. The total assets of the Company exceed RMB20 billion. The Company’s shares became listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 20 May 2008.




Since Jiangxi Ya Dong Cement Corporation Ltd.’s first new dry-process cement production line with daily output of 5,000 tonnes of clinker began operation in July 2000, nine production lines of the same model had been constructed by the Company and began operation in Jiujiang in Jiangxi, Chengdu in Sichuan, Wuhan and Huanggang in Hubei and other regions in China. In October 2013 and January 2014, two new dry-process cement production lines with daily output of 6,000 tonnes of clinker of Jiangxi Ya Dong began operation. As a result of the aforementioned production lines together with Wuhan Yaxin Cement Co., Ltd. acquired in 2010 and Sichuan Lanfeng Cement Co., Ltd. acquired in 2014, the Company has a total of 15 new dry-process cement production lines currently in operation with an annual output of 35 million tonnes of cement.

The Company embraces Taiwan-based Far Eastern Group’s corporate culture, which is built on "Integrity, Diligence, Austerity, Prudence and Innovation". Leveraging the valuable experience in Taiwan, the Company strives to establish in Mainland China a large modern cement enterprise that could serve as a role model by committing to achieve “Three Highs, One Low” production target of “High Quality, High Level of Environmental Protection, High Efficiency, and Low Cost”, which will provide a solid foundation for the Company’s sustainable development in future. The Company has always believed that "Industrial development and environmental protection can go hand-in-hand". As such, the Company uses the most advanced rotary kilns with preheater and precalciner, together with waste-heat recovery power generator technology, which effectively save energy. The Company also introduces the most advanced dust collection equipment, which effectively controls dust emissions, ma
king emission level well below the national standards. Moreover, the Company led the cement industry in total energy consumption per unit production. And each year, the Company used up to four million tons of waste such as water granulated slag, different kinds of slag, desulphurization gypsum, fly-ash, etc. generated by power plants and steel plants. The Company also invested a lot of manpower and material resources in sewage treatment, mine reclamation and environmental beautification, in an attempt to preserve and restore all types of native plants. The reclamation of the mines in the surrounding areas of factories shows remarkable results, which gain wide recognition by the government and specialized organizations in society. The Company is famous at home and abroad, having won a number of awards for energy saving and advanced mining enterprise and model enterprise for environmental protection. 


Looking into the future, Jiangxi Ya Dong, Hubei Yadong, Wuhan Ya Dong, Huanggang Yadong and Yangzhou Ya Dong under the Company, which are located along the Yangtze River, will take the advantage of the river to expand to other areas. Sichuan Yadong and Sichuan Lanfeng, located in Chengdu of Sichuan, has the advantages of being located in a metropolitan area. The Company leverages the strategic advantage of the country’s western development programme. All these enable the Company to become a major and large cement group in the midstream of the Yangtze River and the southwest area (Chengdu) in China, and a high quality cement supplier in Wuhan, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Yangzhou, and Chengdu, etc. In future, while taking account of market situations, the Company will continue to choose the right opportunity for building their own facilities or conducting mergers and acquisitions or strategic cooperation, to expand production capacity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Efforts to reach a production capacity of 50 million tonnes in 2016.The Company envisions to become one of China's top 10 cement groups.